OKTEK Electronic Factory:Profesional in all PCB Assembly / Chip Processing / SMD Processing / Testing /Assembly.
Professional Electronic Manufacture Services for OEM.

Access to oktek manufacturer in China for smt,pcba and DIP service

Starting from Shenzhen via Meiguan Expressway> Tangxia> Zhangmutou> Sima> Shi Shui Hau (towards Qiaotou) |||| Baoan> Shiyan> Gongming> Huang Jiang> Changping> Sima> Shi Shui Hau (towards Qiaotou). Driving towards Qiaotou, turn left onto Changping and Hengli direction. As you head forward about 2km, you will arrive at the Dazhou 1st Industrial Area. Turn right at the next intersection after you see the Tingji Handbag Factory about 200m away. OKANO Electronic Factory is on the left side, just 100m away. (The name of the road is Daxi 1st Road)